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Basia de Galaxy

Basia is currently seeking another breeding program! Her offspring are beautiful! Correct size and type. Message me for current pics and more information! 

Reasonably priced, and will be in heat soon! We do not have a stud here that she can be bred to, unfortunately.

Basia would love a home where there is not too many dogs. She gets along great with the Frenchies we have here (Bodhi and Gabby), but she is fearless when it comes to the bigger dogs! So, preferably a small dog home would be best.  

Basia is from the same litter as Bodhi. When we had the opportunity to get this girl, we just could not pass her up! She does have a smaller build than Bodhi, but normally the females are a bit smaller than males. She is sweeter than anything! Very happy with her, as she does have a personality almost like Bodhi! She enjoys going out for walks and to visit our local stores. 

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