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We are a small home based Breeder In South Eastern Georgia. After owning the Boxer breed for years, we have fallen in LOVE! We are taking our knowledge of breeding and now providing you with Boxers that are of European lineage. Our Boxer's Temperament, Health, and Conformation is on the TOP of our list of what we strive to provide our families. We just know you will fall in love with them just as we did! 

Our Boxers that are bred have been tested for ARVC, DM, have had an Echocardiogram, as well as a 24hr Holter. It's the only way to provide peace of mind for all the puppies being raised. 


These 3 beautiful girls are the reason I chose to breed  Boxers, and to make sure all my dogs are health tested and disease free.

Bella, the fawn, passed away in February 2018. She was slowly declining in the months before. When speaking with our vet, he had warned us because of her age that most testing and treatments may not work and would just be a waste. So we decided to take her in when the time was right. She ended up being put down for having Grand Mal seizures due to a brain tumor. 

Andi, the brindle passed away in August 2018. She had a massive tumor in her abdomen that was slowly killing her. By the time we realized she wasn't just our old chunky girl, and it was a mass, it was too late. After Bella was put to rest, Andi slowly started to lose weight. By August 2018, she weighed 40 pounds. She no longer had enough muscle or strength to walk or get up. So she was brought in to our vet to peacefully pass. 

These 2 Boxers, are our reason as a family to share the breed with you. Our family was devastated. My daughter's constant companions for years. Her best friends, and her "sisters". Bella and Samantha had a bond like no other. 

Rest in Heaven,

Andi and Bella 

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