December 2022

French Bulldog Litter

Waiting List currently open!

Basia and Sommer Bully Bel Ami will have a litter due around December 5th! 

Puppies will range between $3500 - $4000 pet pricing/ Limited AKC registration. 


Sommer Bully Bel Ami

Basia de Galaxy

Frenchie Babies!!!

We are hoping for fawns and creams! So excited for this pairing! Let us know if you are interested in more pictures, videos, and to see pedigrees.

Parents 4 panel tested and C3.

We are anticipating puppies around December 5th. Keep a lookout for pregnancy confirmation!



Waiting List is OPEN!

By the end of 2022, we hope to transition to natural tails and ears with our boxer puppies just as many countries do who are under the FCI. If you decide you want your puppy to have a natural tail, or to be docked, please let us know! We are OK with both, as the AKC standard calls for a docked tail.

We also have some recommendations on vets that do ear cropping as well.

100% European Boxers

$2000, AKC Limited Registration


Please reach out if you are looking for breeding rights. 


Check out the Waiting List page for more information!


Bruno di Marinero

Bearbrook's Midnight Opium


87.5% European

Echos, Holters, Arvc, and Dm TESTED.

We are expecting; Brindle and Fawns (both Flashy and Classic).

We are anticipating Poppy coming into heat around April 2023.

Max von Galaxy Box

Athena di Vandalo


100% European

Echos, Holters, Arvc, and Dm TESTED.

Brindles and Fawns expected! Possibly white, too!

We are going to repeat this breeding for 2023! I expect Athena to be in heat around April 2023.