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We Offer

Holter Monitor




It is a DR181 Digital Recorder. We rent out for 7 days, counting the day you receive it. On the 7th day it must be at the post office, and we must have the tracking number. Sent 2 day Priority with insurance to cover cost of machine and vest ($1,000).


- 1 SD Card

- Holter vest

- 1 Monitor with 5 leads

- 2 DR180 Hook-up kits.

  • This is enough to do 2 tests! If you would like more sent with you, then it is additional $10 per kit. 

  • Any damage done to monitor, leads, or vest, you will be held responsible for a replacement. Before sending the Holter, I will need the contract signed and dated and sent back to me. 

  • Payment due upfront. 

  • Message me to schedule the rental, it is NOT available all the time.

We send the PDF version of the contract to your email through SignWell. It makes signing easy, and the contract comes right back to my email. 

**Also, if you are local to me and would like me to hook up your dog for you, I am available for that as well. Pricing will be adjusted based on time used. 

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