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We Offer

Holter Monitor




It is a DR181 Digital Recorder. We rent out for 7 days, counting the day you receive it. On the 7th day it must be at the post office, and we must have the tracking number. Sent 2 day Priority with insurance to cover cost of machine and vest ($1,000).


- 1 SD Card

- Holter vest

- 1 Monitor with 5 leads

- 2 DR180 Hook-up kits.

  • This is enough to do 2 tests! If you would like more sent with you, then it is additional $10 per kit. 

  • Any damage done to monitor, leads, or vest, you will be held responsible for a replacement. Before sending the Holter, I will need the contract signed and dated and sent back to me. 

  • Payment due upfront. 

  • Message me to schedule the rental, it is NOT available all the time.

Download the mobile app, Adobe Fill & Sign. You will be able to fill out the contract I send to you, and can send it back to me signed and with payment. 

**Also, if you are local to me and would like me to hook up your dog for you, I am available for that as well. Pricing will be adjusted based on time used. 

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